Area rugs from a traditional area rug to modern can revitalize your home 



Area rugs are a great way to liven-up a room that is otherwise very dull or add those finishing touches to a new room. An area rug is like adding a work of art to your floor.It is one of the fastest ways to rejuvenate or change the atmosphere or character of a room. Area rugs are available in a wide range of colors, styles and textures to suit any home. They vary from traditional area rug, braided area rug, animal print rugs to Oriental rugs. With all the different choices you’ ll be sure to find one to fit your personality and style.



Besides an area rugs great looks and design features they have some great benefits. They add warmth to a room, not only taking the bite off of cold floors but also visually creating a warm inviting presence. They are easily rolled up and stored out of site if you want to lighten up a room during the summer. Traditional area rugs and area rugs in general are a great investment that you can take with you if you decide to move. An area rug does not need any kind of special installation.



Area rugs are a great means of protecting hardwood floors and wall-to-wall carpet especially if you have an active family and pets. They are also useful in an area that you use for entertaining where spills happen frequently such as red wine, salsa, and coke. An area rug is useful in protecting hardwood flooring in high traffic areas as well.



Tips For Selecting an Area Rug for your home



Price:  The first thing to consider when shopping for a rug is to determine what you  are willing to spend. Once you have determined a budget it will enable you to find the best area rug at that price range. Area rug carpets today include both machine and handmade rugs. Todays advances in technology allow machine made rugs to imitate the patterns used in the most popular handmade designs, at a more affordable price. Even the natural fibers that were reserved for handmade rugs such as wool and silk can be used. Construction techniques and fibers are what influence a rugs price.



Color: The color is an important consideration when choosing your area rug and is a matter of personal taste. Most Interior Designers recommend that you start from the floor up. This is possible if you’ re starting new or redecorating the entire room then you can choose your fabric, wall coverings etc. to compliment your rug. Some people want their area rug to be the center show piece while others want it to tie all the colors of the room together. Light colored rugs make a room look larger, and a deeper color will add a richness to a room. The choice is yours!



Design: Area rug carpets come in different designs, such as all over patterns with and without a central medallion and asymmetrical patterns. It is all a matter of personal choice whether you want a traditional area rug with an intricate pattern or an animal print area rug. Whatever you can dream of is available and if you can’ t find exactly what you want you can have a custom one made.


Size: The space that you want to cover is more important than the size of the room. To get a visual of the area you want to cover you can measure with a tape and place four pieces of paper at the corners. You might want an area rug to just create a conversation area in a room. Whether the furniture is on or off the rug is a matter of opinion except when dealing with a dining room. You want to measure area rugs from the point of the chairs being pushed back as if to get up and leave, plus add some room so they will still remain on the rug. You don’ t want your guests chairs falling off the rug every time they get up.



Where to Buy an Area Rug



Searching for stores that sell area rug carpets, comparing prices to find that perfect rug can be very time consuming. Shopping online with just a few clicks of your mouse can save you time and money. Today’ s online retailers do not have to deal with the high overhead expenses associated with brick and mortar stores, passing those savings on to the consumer and often offering free shipping. Check out the great online Merchants below whether you’ re wanting a traditional area rug to add a touch of elegance to a room or an animal print area rug to add some fun to a child’ s room, you can be sure to find a wide variety online to suit your style.


Area Rug Merchants


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