Balta rug company is known for their beautiful rugs


Balta rug company is one of the leading manufacturers of machine made rugs. They strive to provide the best quality area rugs at the best price for the consumer. Their designs include traditional, contemporary, modern and oriental. They are known for their beautiful rugs in their outdoor collection which are some of the most popular in the market.



The Balta rug company manufacturers their rugs in Belgium. The romance collections is made out of Pure wool that has a modern ethnical tone that will bring warmth to your home. Some Balta rugs are made of a wool blend that lets the sun dance off it adding sparkle to your home. Their highly developed B-tron provides distinguished rug designs.



A handcarved effect and multicolored pile is achieved with Bercoln. The Balta rug company has state-of-the-art-production plants that fulfill customers desires in home decoration. Orders are processed in a smooth and efficient manner. Check out these beautiful Balta rugs that stay current with today’s designs.

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