Braided rugs rejuvenate and add color to any room


Braided rugs are a simple way to rejuvenate and add color and warmth to any room in the house. They have been used for centuries since the time when pioneer women made them out of scraps of old fabric to warm-up and beautify their stark cabin floors.  A braided rug still continues to be one of the most beautiful and practical rugs available. Today they continue to be handmade by artisans as well as machine-made by large companies like Capel rugs who is a leading manufacturer.


Different styles of braids such as horizontal braids, flat braids and modular styles have given braided rugs a more modern appeal. This makes them suitable for a variety of design styles from traditional to modern. A braided rug works well in any room of the house such as living room, children’ s room, dining room, or entryway etc. Braided rugs come in a huge selection of colors, styles, and sizes from two-toned rugs to bolder collages of color. Capel rugs is one of Americas largest manufacturers of area rugs and well known for their braided rug collections.


Benefits of a Braided Rug


Besides the beauty a braided rug can offer a room they also offer many benefits such as:

Durability: They are hard-wearing and can withstand the test of time. The construction of braided area rugs has continued to improve and they continue to be one of the most popular area rugs. Braids can be made with virtually any yarns or fabrics providing you with a tremendous number of options for color, style and durability.


Maintenance: A braided rug is easy to care for.


Versatile: They can be used from a focal point in a living room to a runner in a hall. Many of the braided area rugs are reversible giving you a different look when desired.


Warmth: They add warmth to a room both visually and physically. A braided rug can add warmth to otherwise cold tiles, stone, concrete or hardwood floors.


Protection: Capel rugs can protect hardwood floors, linoleum, tile and wall to wall carpeting in high traffic areas from wear and tear.


Where To Buy A Braided Rug


A braided area rug is a great way to add color, warmth and texture to all of the hard surfaces found in today’ s homes. Shopping online you are able to compare a lot of prices saving you valuable time and money. Today’ s online retailers are able to pass their low overhead savings on to the consumer and some offer free shipping.  Check out the great online Merchants below for braided area rugs that will add warmth and ambiance to your room. Remember to check out Capel rugs quality collection.


Braided Area Rug Merchants 


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