Childrens rugs add character and fun to a child's room


Childrens rugs are an important design element in adding character and fun to a child’ s room. A kids rug can help in reflecting their own individuality and unique personality. A childrens area rug can reflect a hobby or sport that is important to your child helping to create their own personal, private space. There is a wide variety of designs available that include animals, fairytale characters, sports, flowers, bugs and more. There are also educational rugs to help your young child’ s learning process or for play that your child will love! Shaw rugs has some great children’ s area rugs in the latest trends and hip combinations of color, texture and pattern.  Childrens rugs are just what you need to combat those boring white walls if you are in a rental property. A kids rug is easy to change as they mature or tastes change as it can easily be rolled up and changed whereas other decorating features such as wallpaper are not as easy.


Things to Consider when Purchasing a Kids Rug



Pile: A lower pile is a better play surface for a children’ s area rug as racing race cars and pulling toys is easier. A lower carpet pile is easier to clean and vacuum as kids rooms do seem to attract the dirt. A pile of 1/3 of an inch or so is a great choice and shorter pile heights tend to increase a rugs durability which is needed for active children. Shaw rugs has some great low pile rugs.



Type of fiber:  The type of fiber whether it is natural or synthetic will be a factor in stain resistance. Synthetic fibers such as nylon and polypropylene are popular for children since they tend to be very stain resistance. From an active two-year old to a busy pre-teen the application of a stain treatment can help protect a kids rug from everyday wear and tear.



Purchasing an Area Rug for a Child


Decorate your child’ s room with playful kids rugs and make their room their own special place. Be sure to take a look at the great selection for children made by Shaw rugs. Check out the great online merchants for some great prices on childrens area rugs that they are able to provide for you due to their lower overhead cost. If you’ re not ready to purchase then just browse and get some great ideas for your child’ s room.

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