Gabbeh rugs are beautiful works of art that tell a story


Gabbeh rugs are rich in texture and one of the best known Iranian tribal rugs. These rugs if properly cared for will appreciate and be a good investment.
They are made from local sheep wool that is handspun. Gabbeh tribal rugs are made with natural vegetable dyes from native plant such as pomegranate skin, walnut husks, madder root and indigo.


Women were traditionally the weavers of Gabbeh rugs and they were made for personal use. Their own personal life stories were put into these rugs. They were woven on horizontal looms as this was a nomadic tribe and they could be taken apart quickly and easily. The designs in these rugs are often geometric with figures and symbols telling the weavers story.


Gabbeh rugs have a very thick pile and are usually asymmetric. These rugs have an organic appearance as a result of the dying process where the color is not pure but a collage of similar hues. These rugs are beautiful works of art that carry the unique spirit and story of the women of this region that have woven them.

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