Karastan area rugs have the look and feel of hand-knotted rugs 


Karastan area rugs are constructed using Karastan’s Axminister woven method which produces high quality rugs with a variety of looks, textures and patterns.  Since 1928 Karastan has been taking flooring in bold new directions. They are always moving ahead with new ideas, colors, fibers and techniques to make your home a better place to live. Their weaving process creates a product that closely resembles the look and feel of a hand-knotted rug.


Once woven Karastan area rugs are treated to a patented Luster Wash process. They have several special wash techniques that create a final product that is different from any other hand-made or machine-crafted rug. Luster wash removes some of the scales from the wool fibers giving them a more lustrous and silky effect also it mutes the colors. In a Tea Wash or Antique Wash permanent color is applied to the rug before the luster wash. This overall layering of color gives the feeling of an antique rug.


After the wash process a karastan area rug is gently treaded upon by ‘sultan’s slippers’ which reverses the pile wherever the slippers touch creating a soft, walked-on look. With all their innovations it is no wonder that the Karastan name has became synonymous with elegant machine-made rugs that rival their hand-made counterparts.

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