Kasra Persian rug have a magnificent persian rug collection 


Kasra Persian rug offers appraisals where you can bring your carpet in or by sending a picture to their certified appraisers to make an assessment. It is important to have an accurate appraisal of your Persian rug for insurance purposes. They also offer repair and restoration from experienced repairman. It is important to keep you rug in good shape to protect your investment


Cleaning and mothproofing is also available at Kasra Persian rug. They use a hand wash method that preserve the quality of your carpets. Urine and many other stains can be effectively removed. Their mothproofing process is very effective and lasts a long time. Experienced staff provide free consultation on any concerns regarding your Persian or oriental carpets.


Kasra Persian rug can be packed and shipped worldwide. They have a magnificent collection in a wide variety of patterns and designs. The rugs are made out of silk, combination of wool and silk and wool.

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