Kid area rugs are great way to add some fun to a child's room 


Kid area rugs are a great way to personalize and add fun to a child’ s room. They are an easy way to add color compared to expensive wallpapers and custom painting. As the child grows or interests change the rug is easy to remove and change unlike wallpaper. A childs rug is a great way to liven up a room when you are renting and it can be taken with you if you move.


There are a lot of   kid area rugs to choose from action heroes, sports related, fantasy, animals, flowers, bugs so you will be sure to find one that suits your child’ s personality. There are educational rugs that can help your child on the road to their education or kids play rugs for fun and helping their imagination grow. Whatever rug you choose they can easily be changed as your child grows and interests change.


When choosing kid area rugs you want a lower pile as it is easier to play on making it easier to push that car. A shorter pile of 1/3 of an inch is easier to clean and more durable. The type of fiber is another important consideration as you want it to be stain resistant. If using natural fibers you may want to consider application of a stain treatment. Nylon and polypropylene two synthetic fibers are very stain resistant therefore very popular in children’ s rugs. Be sure to check out the wonderful assortment of kids rugs and add some fun to your child’ s room.

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