Mashad Persian rugs are made of the best wool

Mashad Persian rugs originate from the holy city of Mashad which is the capital city of the province of  Khorasan in northeastern Iran. Mashad is a great weaving and trade center for Persian carpets. They are made mostly in workshops located in the city but there are a few home looms. Mashad is well known for producing the best wool in Iran and this wool is used in its Persian carpets.


Curvilinear designs are what Mashad Persian rugs are best known for. There are number of different designs found in Mashad rugs. The most common is Shah Abbas, the Herati and Boteh designs are commonly used in an all-over repeating or an endless repeat. Mashad rugs have a few unique characteristics such as their elongated corners. Another one being the exclusive use of deep red for the background and dark blue for the medallion, corners, and the border.


Mashad Persian rugs foundations are cotton while the pile is wool. Mashad rugs are available in many different sizes but the most common are large sizes. In comparison to other Persian rugs they are usually less expensive. Mashad rugs add a unique beauty to your home and are still a good investment.

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