Milliken area rugs are made to ensure long lasting beauty 


Milliken area rugs add beauty and style to your home. Milliken a textile leader for more than 130 years has a rich history of innovation resulting in the most varied of patterned rugs available. Fibers are the foundation of rugs and they use only the finest raw material such as New Zealand wool and premium quality nylon fiber. This forms the strong base for the superb durability and outstanding appearance of their rugs.


The next important feature of Milliken area rugs is that their products have higher twist levels than the industry average. This enables your area rug to endure more traffic before it starts to crush and mat. Milliken also uses premium dyes for rich, beautiful color and to reduce fading to ensure long lasting beauty. Their colors stay true and their rugs have sharp images and patterns.


Milliken rugs come with a 5- year soil and stain resist protection that significantly reduces soil accumulation. This also helps in soil removal during vacuuming and cleaning.  During the manufacturing of Milliken area rugs there are strict quality control procedures.  Their rugs are inspected every step of production ensuring that your rug is perfect. Milliken offers you long-lasting beauty, easy care and cleaning, and incredible durability.

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