Moren Oriental rugs are high density quality rugs made with integrity


Moren Oriental rugs provides many major retailers in the USA with quality imported machine made rugs. They started in 1990 as a family business and have been able to keep that small company atmosphere intact. An effective infrastructure has been built in order to deal effectively with their growing sales.


Staff with integrity and experience is important to Moren Oriental rugs and they strive to retain them. They have a wide selection of rugs made of three-shot construction and high densities. Moren uses New Zealand wool and are known for oversized rugs, roll runners, oval and round rugs.


Moren Oriental rugs does not sell directly to the general public as they are a wholesale distributor. Their Emerald collection comes with four patterns in a great jewel tone palette that is sure to enhance your décor. They have a number of new collections that are worth taking a look at. They also have a frequent flyers program for preferred customers.

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