Nourison area rugs are known for their unparalleled beauty and craftmanship


Nourison area rugs are known for their unparalleled beauty, excellent craftsmanship, and that they offer value in every price and construction category. They are constantly creating new opportunities as they look at what other companies are doing and then do something different. They are the most diversified manufacturer of handmade rugs in the world and have expanded into the machine made rugs as well.


The market’s most diversified producer and importer of handmade area rugs is Nourison producer of Nourison area rugs. They are the leading multi-product resource in the floor covering industry due to their unique design and production expertise. This company excel’s at providing their retailers with the right rug, in the right color and design when it is needed. They maintain an excellent in-stock position that allows over 95% of orders of shipped within 48 hours.


Nourison area rugs have a number of outstanding collections such as Nourison 2000 to prestige designer lines like Calvin Klein. Retailers throughout the United States and Europe rely on Nourisons vast selection and timely delivery. They believed delivery was important foundation to their long term success. Buying a Nourison rug you can rest assured that you are buying quality.

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