Oriental rugs add a final touch of elegance to a decor

Oriental rugs are steeped in history and can add a final touch of elegance to your dé cor. They have been recognized for centuries because of their intricate designs which create warm and inviting atmospheres. Persian rugs also have developed over more than 2500 years ago give you a glimpse into a world of artistic excellence nurtured over many years. They are considered by many to be superior and are known for their elaborate designs and historical richness. Oriental, Persian and antique oriental rugs can be a great investment in your home.


Oriental rugs provide you with endless opportunities to express your style. Whether you want a rug with a center medallion to create an elegant formal look or a tribal design as a more casual look for a family room.  Persian rugs are reknown for their richness of color, variety of patterns and quality of design. They were much more than a floor covering providing warmth and comfort but also a form of literary expression bringing happiness and enchantment to tent homes. It is considered a symbol of pride and a home without a Persian area rug is bare and soulless.


Hand Knotted Rug vs Machine Made Rugs


There are a number of reasons why you might decide upon handmade Oriental rugs or Persian rugs instead of machine made. Quality is a key consideration and handmade are considered more durable as each strand has been tied individually for greater strength. Handmade rugs are usually made with natural materials such as cotton, wool or silk. These materials last longer and release no harmful gasses into the environment. Rugs that are hand knotted do not lose their value but are known to gain in value with age like antique oriental rugs. Synthetics usually lose their resale value once they are purchased.


What to consider when purchasing an Oriental Area Rug


The following are some items you should look at when looking to purchase a rug.


Price: Prices should vary according to labor, materials, quality, place of origin, style, kpsi, and rarity of design.


Materials: The materials used such as wool, cotton and silk have a greater durability than synthetics. These natural materials do not release chemical gases like synthetics. All antique oriental rugs are made of natural materials


KPSI:  This stands for knots per square inch and the higher the number the better quality
of rug.


Imperfections: This is proof that the persian rugs are not machine made when there are slight inconsistencies. This was done intentionally at times by the weaver as it was believed only the Supreme Being can make anything that is perfect.


Authenticity: To avoid rugs that might be sold illegally as Persian rugs, you should be able to obtain a Certificate of Authenticity. This will validate the origin, style, materials, size, age, condition, kpsi and estimated retail value for insurance purposes. If a merchant is unable to provide this for you be wary.


Where to Buy an  Oriental or Persian area rugs


Oriental area rugs refer to those created any where on the continent of Asia while Iran continues to be the leader in producing Persian rugs. These rugs and antique oriental rugs continue to be exported so that people around the world can enjoy their beauty. We have searched out some excellent retailers of Oriental area rugs that we have listed below. Take some time and enjoy the beauty and rich history in these rugs.


Oriental and Persian Area Rug Merchants




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