Persian rug Tabriz is highly prized for its beauty 


Persian rug Tabriz is one of the most beautiful carpets in Iran and therefore highly prized. They come from Tabriz which is the capital of the northwestern province of Azerbaijan which is known as the center of oriental culture. The quality of Tabriz rugs varies the older before 1945 are very good but some of the newer ones have a lower number of knots per square inch and are chemically dyed rather than the traditional vegetable dye.


The predominate colors of Persian rug Tabriz is dark red and blue with ivory making a rich contrast. They are available in different sizes but most are mi-size from 4x6 to 8x10 feet. Tabriz rugs usually have curvilinear patterns but some surrounding villages make tribal patterns and are sold as Tabriz. The texture of these rugs is soft wool with a thin tight pile. The warp of these rugs is mostly cotton and the wefts is either wool or cotton.


Quality of Persian rug Tabriz ranges from Bazaar quality to the finest rugs in Iran. Weavers use both Turkish and Persian knot in the making of Tabriz rugs. The number of knots determines the quality of the rug which varies from around 120 KPSI  to 842 KPSI. These rugs are in high demand therefore you can expect to pay more than other carpets. The higher the knots per square inch the more you can expect to pay.

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