Shag rugs plush look and texture soften hard surfaces


Shag rugs are making a comeback from the late 1960’ s and gaining in popularity in its new and improved form. Shag area rugs can add a touch of style and luxury to any room. You can create a retro look for a teens room or create a cozy spot in front of your fireplace. Flokati rugs which have been part of Greek tradition for centuries also have had a resurgence of popularity that continues to grow and are a favorite of contemporary designers. Shag rugs plush look and texture soften the look of todays many hard surfaces. They are made of long pile giving them their shaggy appearance. Rugs are made by making loops out of material then the excess is sheared whereas shag rug are not sheared creating the plush, soft look.


Shag rugs are made from a variety of materials such as synthetic fibers like nylon to natural fibers like cotton, wool and even leather. Flokati rugs are handmade in Greece from the best quality wool and come in many modern colors. Shag rugs are available in many different sizes ranging from small throw rug size to wall-wall carpet as well as unique shapes. Shag area rugs feature the latest in colors for todays bold and casual looks. They are now available in a wide range of patterns from retro to garden.


Things to Consider when Buying your Shag Area Rug


Price: The price will vary depending on the material and the concentration. A rug made of synthetic material and larger spacing will be less costly. A shag rug made of natural fibers such as wool and a denser construction will be more expensive such as flokati rugs. You may just want a cheap one to add a splash of color to a bedroom then a synthetic rug may be right for you. Durability and comfort may be important so that you want a more expensive shag area rug
These rugs vary in yarn length and in density.


Materials: Shag area rugs are made from a number of different materials, from synthetic fibers like nylon to cotton, wool, linen, angora and leather. The higher the pile is the softer and more luxurious the rug. You should also use a non-slip rug pad to prevent movement on smooth floors. Wool shag rugs naturally repel dirt and dust so are desirable due to this benefit. Flokati rugs are measured by its weight in grams of wool per square meter therefore the higher the weight the plusher and thicker the rug.


Size: They are available in various sizes and also in uniquely cut shapes.


Maintenance: Depending on the size you can shake the rug to remove loose dirt and fluff the pile. Most shag rugs are so well made you can vacuum them just set your vacuum on the setting for thick carpet. If the vacuum is too difficult to push then use your vacuum attachments.
Flokati rugs are washable so are very practical for any room throughout your home. Always check with your rug manufacturer for their recommendations. For occasional deep cleaning of shag area rugs professional cleaning is recommended.
Because they are machine-washable they are also very practical for any room throughout your home.


Where to Buy a Shag Area Rug



Shag area rugs add a touch of style and luxury to any dé cor and soften some of today’ s hard surfaces. Whether you want soft, luxurious, plush flokati rugs for your feet under a favorite chair or a bold modern area rug there is a wide variety of styles to suit your style and budget.  Comparing prices to find that perfect rug can take a lot of your valuable time so we recommend shopping online. Not only will you save time but money as well or at least you’ ll have a better idea of what you want before you head out to the stores. But be sure to check out the great prices online Merchants are able to offer you due to their lower overhead expenses!____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Top Places to Find Shag Area Rugs __________________________________________________________________________

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