Surya rugs are for the consumer with discriminating taste


Surya rugs are designed for the consumer with discriminating taste in wide range of styles from Traditional to Contemporary. Top designers continually update their designs and color palettes setting and keeping current with the home fashion trends. For the past 25 years Surya has gained an international reputation for top notch handmade area rugs due to their innovation, cutting-edge designs and quality manufacturing. They ensure quality by keeping control over the entire manufacturing process from twisting the woolen yarn to the finished product.


Since 1976 Surya has been one of India’s top producers of fine hand-knotted area rugs and in the same year distributed Surya rugs in the US through many well-respected department/specialty stores. A member of the Surya family ensures the highest standards are attained from design to every step of production. Only the finest raw material is used in Surya area rugs. Passionate about their line they want to provide their customers with the best value in color, design, quality and price.


Surya rugs are produced with strong social, welfare and environmental commitments. They provide the best worker facilities in the industry and are strong anti-child labor advocates. They are working hard to eradicate this practice by supporting local schools. State-of-the-art water treatment and air pollution control systems are used in their factories. The safest dyes and chemicals are used to ensure their workers health. Surya area rugs are worth checking out as this company has an established name known for its quality, value, dedication and innovation.

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