Amish braided rugs are a great addition to any room 


Amish braided rugs are made by the Amish people who are traditionally farmers. They have had to find other means of making a living due to the shortage of farmland and not wanting to move from their families. For many starting their own business became a solution instead of moving away. They are very family oriented so this allowed them to work at home, the entire family could be involved and gave them a skill to pass on to their children.


Besides amish braided rugs there are other people that have learned the skill of making braided rugs and turned this into a small business. They are also handmade in other country’s and imported. Braids can be made with virtually any type of yarn or fabric. This gives you a wide range of options for color, style and durability. Depending on the material that they are made of they can be machine washed or hand-washed and many are reversible giving you twice the wear.


From the family room to the kitchen amish braided rugs are a welcome addition to any room in your home. Braided rugs whether you choose an amish, hand-made or machine-made are a great way to add color, warmth, and texture to the many hard surfaces found in modern homes. They are both practical and decorative as the color variations in the braids hide spills. Extremely durable makes them suitable for any room and for some they are used as wall hangings as they feel there just too beautiful to put on the floor.

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