Appraising antique persian rugs important for insurance 


Appraising antique persian rugs is a highly skilled, specialized task. Your rug must be properly identified and its true market value accessed correctly. To make sure this is the case you need a persian rug dealer with vast knowledge in the field of persian rug identification and market evaluation. You cannot use an antique dealer or an auctioneer that does not have the knowledge or experience of rugs as you will not get your true value.


A professional will be able to identify the country, district, area, town or village your rug came from. The rug’s weave will be evaluated by determining the knot style and density, warp, weft and pile textiles, weft color, pile depth and more. Appraising antique persian rugs will determine the approximate age, the condition and  your rugs repair history. A good appraiser uses every method to accurately determine the true market value of your rug.


Appraising antique persian rugs is important so that you have the correct valuation for insurance purposes. Appraisers can usually provide or recommend qualified restoration and maintenance. Their experience can be invaluable if you’re wanting to sell your rug finding the best market for your rug.

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