Flat braided rugs have filled homes with warmth for many years

Flat braided rugs have been filling homes with warmth and richness for over 200 years. They are made of solid materials being braided into thick sturdy ropes then these strips are sewn into braided rugs. Whereas a tubular braided rug is made with a synthetic core that is covered with yarn. The flat braided area rug is more durable and a longer wearing rug as it has yarn throughout the braided rope not just on the surface.


Not only do flat braided rugs add beauty and color to a room but also serve practical purposes. They protect your floors highest traffic areas from wear and tear such as entryways. They also add warmth to cold hard floors also adding some textural interest. Rugs are often reversible giving you an increased wear. There is a large selection of  rugs available from wool cloth braided rugs to wool blend to cotton or nylon. They come in a wide range of colors from dark rich colors for a country setting to pastels and brighter modern colors.


Flat braided rugs come in different styles such as multicolored, banded, plaids and tweeds. They are available in various sizes such as round, oval, oblong, hearts, runners and stair treads. If you’re having trouble finding the rug that is right for your room you can look at a custom rug that you can have custom colored and sized. These rugs are a great investment in your home and with the proper care can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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