Hand-knotted persian rugs are magnificient works of art


Over the centuries, hand-knotted Persian rugs have become cherished works of art that are passed from generation to generation. The Persians were among the first carpet weavers of the ancient civilizations and have achieved a reputation throughout the world for their craftsmanship through centuries of creativity and ingenuity building upon the talents of the past. Even today Iran produces more Persian rugs than any other country. A home without a Persian rug is considered a home without a soul.


High quality standards are still present in hand-knotted Persian rugs creating a high demand in the world market. Today many carpets are made in cottage industries in smaller towns and villages. The rugs are usually named after the relative regions, town or village where the design originated from or the name of the nomadic tribe that did the weaving. Each rugs pattern, color and weave can be linked with a individual culture.


Many people in Iran have invested their wealth in Persian carpets which is referred to as Iranian's stocks and shares and many smart businessmen have kept them as investments. Hand-knotted Persian rugs are expensive due to the fact they’re made by hand taking days or weeks to make just one rug. These rugs are unique as no two handmade rugs are identical. Check out some of the online merchants and enjoy this magnificent works of art!


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