The addition of low priced cowhide rugs add a unique look to your decor


When looking for low priced cowhide rugs you want to be sure you are buying from a reputable company. Many cowhide rugs come from Brazil and Argentina which are well known for their cowhides. The prices of cowhides range from 150.00 to thousands for designer rugs that are works of art by leather artisans. You can get cow print rugs for under a hundred dollars that are not actually hide but a regular rug with the cow print pattern on it.


If you want low priced cowhide rugs they may be less supple and not quite as thick as hides that cost more. Their appearance is the same but they can have more natural scrapes than higher priced cowhides. This is not a problem for the person that wants the look of a cowhide rugs but does not want to fork out a fortune. There are also cowhides stenciled to look other animal skins such as zebra.


When looking for low priced cowhide rugs you could also consider a smaller accent rug that would not cost as much. There are beautiful hand laced cowhide rugs made by leather artisans that can also make beautiful wall hangings. Small pieces of supple soft leather are laced together in a artistic pattern. These rugs are extremely durable and have the beautiful smell of leather not harsh tanning solution smells. Be sure to check out these beautiful rugs and enhance your décor in a unique way.

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