Momeni new wave rug is unique with bold color usage 


The momeni new wave area rug is inspired by the twentieth century decorative arts. New wave is contemporary design at its best drawing its inspiration from 1910’s Vienna succession, 1930’s Art Deco, and the 1950’s Abstract Expressionism. This collection pays homage to the Masters but its new, fresh and the bold use of color makes it unique. These rugs are hand-tufted by expert artisans using special blend of the highest quality Chinese wools. They have the softest hands and a shine that is unbeatable.


Many momeni new wave area rug designs feature hand carving for added depth. They come in many different sizes and shapes with great bold colors. Momeni was established half a century ago when Ali A. Momeni started a family business bringing exquisite Persian rugs to the U.S. A family member always ensures that the highest standards are being met through every step of production. Their quality, elegance, and sophistication has been recognized again and again by the carpet industry.


Styles may change but the ability of a momeni new wave rug to touch your senses has not. Momeni is a mark of quality and excellent source of ideas for revitalizing your home with true timeless beauty. Take some time and check out the great online merchants or just browse and enjoy these works of art.

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