A natural fiber rug adds beautiful texture 


A natural fiber rug adds a beautiful touch of nature to any room from traditional to modern. There are a variety of materials that a natural fiber rug are made of such as sisal, jute, seagrass and bamboo. Each of these natural materials adds its own unique natural beauty to a room. Natural fiber rugs can add an air of lightness to a room and add a sense of casual comfort.


Besides being eco-friendly a natural fiber rug is often very affordable and a versatile decorative piece. They can often be layered with other more expensive area rugs creating the look of a larger rug at a more affordable price point. In a larger room their texture combines well with other area rugs that have different fibers, colors and patterns.


Any room in your house can benefit from the use of a natural fiber rug. They can be used to lighten-up a living room or had a casual feel to a family room. They can be used in a kitchen or a dining room adding some wonderful texture to these rooms. Many people love the feel of natural fiber rugs barefoot so will utilize them in their bedrooms and bathrooms. A natural fiber rug looks amazing with hardwood flooring and works well with every other type of flooring.  Check out the great selection of these beautiful natural rugs online and add some texture to your décor.

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