Oriental rug padding prolongs your carpets life


Oriental rug padding prevent accidents by keeping rugs from slipping. They also prolong the life of the rug by cushioning the impact between hard floor surfaces and the sole of a shoe. This not only protects your investment but provides cushion and comfort. A heavy thick rug does not necessarily need rug padding but a thin, soft rug does. A older rug or one that’ s been patched can benefit from a pad.


There are various materials rug padding can be made of such as rubber, felt, polyester or one of a number of synthetic foams.Ensure the pad you choose is guaranteed not to mar, stain or discolor the floor or your rug. An oriental rug padding also makes it easier to vacuum your rug. They can come reversible for use on either bare floors or carpeting.


To determine your oriental rug padding size that you will need, measure your rug length also width and be sure not to include fringes. Deduct 2 inches from the length and the width and that is the size of pad you require. Your rug will be two inches longer than the pad allowing the edge to fold-over naturally so the pad is not visible.



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