Rectangle braided rugs add a splash of color


One of the easiest ways to revitalize a room in your home is with a braided rug. They can turn a dull room into one full of color. Whether it’s a family room or kitchen braided rugs offer a variety of color and design possibilities. From rectangular braided rugs to round or oval there is sure to be one to enhance your room. They are great for adding warmth and texture to some of the cold hard surfaces today such as hardwood and ceramic tile.


Rectangular braided rugs are more difficult to construct and handmade ones may cost little more. This is due to when the rug is being laced each corner turn must be calculated carefully or the rug will be skewed. This is why rectangular ones may cost more per square foot than round or oval braided rugs. Braided rugs are extremely versatile. They can be used to add some color to boring wall-to-wall carpet or even used as a wall hanging.


Handcrafted braided rugs are like special pieces of art for your home. Whether you want rectangular braided rugs or oval their a great investment. They are extremely durable and with proper care can turn into an antique for future generations to enjoy. So take some time to browse the beautiful works of art!

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