Seagrass area rugs give your decor a unique style and texture 


Seagrass area rugs offer your décor an exotic natural beauty with their unique style and texture. These rugs are made out of seagrass which is a plant with tall grass-like stems that grows in wet lands. This natural fiber is extremely durable and the extremely stain resistant. This makes these rugs a great choice for high traffic areas.



The colors of seagrass area rugs vary from sage green hues to olive all variations of its natural color as it cannot be dyed. Most seagrass rugs come with latex backing so a rug pad is not needed to prevent slipping. They are available in different weaves such as original, basket weave or herringbone and usually have a border around them made out of leather, linen or canvas.


Seagrass area rugs are available in a large range of sizes and even wall to wall is a possibility. If you are considering wall to wall there is usually a space around the wall to allow for expansion and contraction. Seagrass rugs area easy to maintain as all they require is regular vacuuming since are static free dust and dirt do not cling to them. There are many great online companies to help you with your choice of this exotic natural product.

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