A small flokati rug offers a lot of decorating options for your decor


A small flokati rug can be just what it takes to revitalize a drab boring room. Flokati rugs can add textural interest to cold hard surfaces and bring some warmth to that room. They can be used to create a focal point or be just the item to tie the elements of a room together. A flokati rug can be an inviting place to relax in front of a fireplace.


A splash of color can be obtained by a small flokati rug in a vibrant color to add some punch to a child’s room. Another great use for a flokati rug is placed by your bed so that you get that soft luxurious feel underfoot when you first get out of bed in the morning. Some people like to put them by their favorite chair so they have that softness underfoot while their reading a book or doing their favorite activity.


An anti-slip underlay should be used with a small flokati rug so that it stays in place. These rugs are easy to maintain and some are machine washable always check on care recommendations with the manufacturer. They are stain, soil resistant and flame resistant due to the natural properties in wool. In order to maintain their natural beauty and appearance brushing your shag rug is often recommended. Check out these wonderful rugs and add some luxury to your life.

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