Sphinx rugs are known for color, style and quality



Sphinx rugs are known for color, style and quality. They are designed for today’s lifestyle and made with the finest materials using the highest construction standards. They have a reputation for quality and can be enjoyed for years. Sphinx area rugs are affordable enabling the consumer to change that aspect of their décor when there ready for a change. Their rugs are for consumers with discriminating taste and have styles ranging from Traditional to Transitional to Contemporary to Tribal.


Special technology enables sphinx rugs to set trends as they can use up to 92 color combinations in their rugs. They constantly update their color palettes to stay current with today’s design. In the affordable machine-made rug they are the only company that continues to push the boundaries of color and design. They are the industry leader in color and can help you set the mood and make a statement for your room.


Sphinx rugs combine high fashion in an affordable rug with outstanding quality. Sphinx and Oriental Weavers their parent company have received worldwide recognition. They have consistently been chosen by independent retailers as number one for style and color. For their quality and service they have also received recognition. Check out their great collection and find the perfect rug to express yourself in the quality you deserve.

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