Storing an area rug properly is crucial for the life of your rug


An area rug is a very versatile decorating element in your home as it can be easily changed for the seasons. When it is not in use storing an area rug properly is important to ensure a long life. They should be stored in a room that is cool, dry and not exposed to natural light. This can be in a closet or under a bed.


You have to be careful when storing an area rug of places that have swings in temperature and humidity such as basements and attics. It is best to roll a rug when storing as folding can cause creases which can break the foundation if weak. A cardboard rug tube wrapped in acid free tissue is great for rolling your rug. Roll with pile in unless the foundation is weaker then roll pile out.


After the rug is rolled to help protect the rug while storing an area rug it can be rolled in a clear sheet of polyethylene. This will protect the rug from dust and dust eating insects also moisture. You want keep the area where the rug is stored clean of dust and dirt so you do not attract rug eating insects.

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