Tribal area rugs create a warm and inviting atmosphere


Tribal area rugs are fantastic for spicing up a rooms décor and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This ancient tradition has been used for centuries by many different cultures throughout the world to add beauty and comfort to their living space. There are many different tribal rugs with their own unique beauty from Persian made in Iran to Moroccan tribal rugs.


The colors and patterns of tribal area rugs differ by region and tribe. They reflect the culture of that particular tribe and were a source of great pride. In Iran a home without a Persian rug was considered to be soulless and Moroccan rugs often had motifs to ward off evil spirits. They are often great investments and pleasurable works of art for your floor.


Tribal area rugs are usually made of natural materials and dyes making them extremely durable. They do not release harmful gasses into the environment like synthetic rugs. Each rug is unique as no two can be made exactly the same when they are hand-made. Each strand is tied individually so they are considered to have greater strength lasting longer. Be sure to check out the beautiful craftsmanship of these rugs.

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